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Consonus Tide audio system includes a pair of 4-way loudspeakers, two quad-channel power amplifiers with the highest audio quality DSP engine, and custom-made proprietary speaker cables.

For customers who are in love with their existing favorite amplifier (tube or solid-state) and want to use it with Tide, we offer the optional Tide XO external passive crossover. The Tide XO allows bypassing standard DSP-based crossover and relevant channels of Tide amplifiers to use the customer’s amplifier instead for powering the planar ribbon section from 220 Hz and up.

Tide Submerge

A sealed design subwoofer with 13” high performance driver.

Tide Breeze

Open baffle speaker mounted on top via vibration isolating feet.
Tide Submerge embodies the best subwoofer solution for ultimate performance. It delivers breathtakingly precise bass down to infrasonic notes.

Tide Breeze has a 1.5” thick trapezoidal composite baffle which carries three drivers in dipole configuration: one 9.5” electrodynamic woofer and two planar ribbon drivers – a 10” midrange and a 3” tweeter.

Our patent-pending design features acoustic summation of omnidirectional subwoofer and open back dipole woofer. This creates a very special acoustic system with cardioid directivity pattern in overlapping range. Such design provides smooth transition and integration between bass and midrange and high frequencies with dipole directivity which has never been achieved before. Through extensive research and testing, we’ve confirmed that the cardioid directivity helps to effectively tackle room modes in the mid-bass spectrum. The outcome is a refined in-room response and exceptionally accurate bass fidelity. Tide’s design solves challenges historically related to dipole speakers based on thin film technology, whether planar or electrostatic. This includes overcoming limited frequency and dynamic range, mitigating irregular and beaming dispersion, and, finally, achieving seamless integration with the electrodynamic bass section.