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about us

We create audio systems that transcend the music listening experience

Our genuine passion for music and decades of professional experience in audio industry culminate in unique approach to concept and design of audio systems.
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Consonus Tide is the pinnacle of our work

Created to transcend the limitations and engage you into the most immersive listening experience of your life. We are constantly working to extend our product range to cover different levels of complexity and price, while retaining the signature CONSONUS sound. Please check with us often for our progress on this path.

Can you hear the difference?

Our ear and our brain are very hard to trick. We easily distinguish between reproduced sound and a live event. Searching for sonic ingredients to bridge this perception gap is a Holy Grail quest for Consonus audio engineers.
We worked hard for many years developing top-tier amplifiers and loudspeakers for world-class brands in consumer and professional markets. From planar magnetic headphones and studio monitors to line array speakers for home and commercial cinema theaters, to sound reinforcement systems for live sound - we learned how things work in audio and what really matters when it comes to delivering breathtaking sound.
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Show report on CONSONUS from Axpona by Joao Martins (AudioXpress)

"Tide is not your regular high-end audio system. In fact, those who had the opportunity to listen to the system and appreciate a variety of familiar and unfamiliar recordings will justifiably question how could that system generate such revealing experiences, including some of the most enjoyable and memorable musical moments enabled by great, well-balanced, and most dynamic recordings."
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