transcend horizons

Inspiration comes from experience

Our genuine passion for music and decades of professional experience in audio industry manifest in unique sound systems that go beyond limitations.

Can you hear the difference?

Our ear and our brain are very hard to trick. We easily distinguish between reproduced sound and a live event. Searching for sonic ingredients to bridge this perception gap is a Holy Grail quest for Consonus audio engineers.
We worked hard for many years developing amplifiers and loudspeakers for different brands in consumer and professional markets. From planar magnetic headphones for world class brands and studio monitors to line array speakers for dedicated Dolby Atmos home and Dolby PLF (Premium Large Format) commercial cinema theaters, to sound reinforcement systems for live performances - we learned how things work in audio and what really matters when it comes to delivering breathtaking sound.

Consonus Tide is the pinnacle of our work, created to transcend the laws of acoustics and engage you into the most immersive listening experience of your life.

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Meet the founders

It took us three years to develop and build the first Tide prototype. At the end of this journey we asked ourselves - did we create something exceptional, a product worth the effort to start the company? That's how Consonus was born.

Igor Levitsky

Graduated in electroacoustics from Kiev Technical University with ME (Hons) degree (Ukraine). 40 years of experience in research and development of transducers, speaker systems and headphones for consumer and professional applications. Resides in Toronto, Canada.

Eugene Gribov

Graduated with MSEE with Honors in Physics and Semiconductor Lasers from St.-Petersburg LETI (Russia). Over 30 years of experience in R&D and engineering, specializing in DSP audio amplifiers and many other aspects of audio. Have been designing and manufacturing audio amplifiers for top brands for the last 20 years. Devoted music aficionado for life, combining professional and personal interests. Resides in NJ, USA.